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Fire and Smoke Resistant Curtains

Fire and Smoke Resistant Curtains

Product Description

The use of Fire and Smoke Curtains is one way to comply with fire safety regulations without obstructing a building’s design and layout. Aeroduct® Fire Curtains are fire resistant, and can be easily installed. High-quality materials are used to make the fire resistant curtains which make them long-lasting and effective at putting out fires. All factories should have automatic Fire and Smoke Resistant Curtain Systems installed to prevent the fire from spreading. In order to stop the fire from spreading Fire Barrier Curtains serve as a barrier between the fire and the surrounding.

Download Smoke Curtain Catalog

Download Fire Curtain Catalog

Fire and Smoke Resistant Automatic Curtains

Main Features

  • The economical solution which often replace fixed walls, doors or other barriers. Simple and cost-effective with faster lead times. It is low maintenance and long-lasting with an in-depth design. Additionally, we provide technical and design assistance.
  • 100% gravity fail safe descent (will operate without power), individual override operations, audio/visual alarms, emergency retract buttons, smart BMS modules, obstruction sensor and other as per the site requirement with best of R&D.
  • Lightweight: reduction in load bearing ramifications. It is easy to install.
  • Design solution: Bespoke designs to fit all requirements and layouts, allow architectural freedom with space usage.
  • Maintenance: The static curtain entail a very low level of maintenance
  • Width and drops: Aeroduct® Fire Curtains are designed to cover unlimited width.

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