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Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains

Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains

Product Description

Aeroduct® Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains are manufactured using cutting-edge automatic machinery that have undergone testing by independent international laboratories. We are fully prepared to satisfy the stringent requirements of the rapidly moving global construction industry. Aeroduct® Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains manufacture custom designs for fire protection and promote a safer environment for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces, whilst focusing on the specifics. Consistent quality and quick delivery time have ensured that Fire and Smoke Curtains by Aeroduct®, a division of Hira Industries are used in various projects.

Smoke Curtain Catalogue

Fire Curtain Catalogue

Fire Resistant Automatic Curtains and Smoke Resistant Automatic Curtains

Fire resistant automatic curtains (Fire Curtains) are life safety systems with a basic appearance, but they are extremely effective in containing fires. They act as a passive barrier to contain flames from spreading, limiting damage, and facilitating the establishment of safe areas for evacuation. Open areas are vulnerable to a rush of flames and smoke either because of their openness or because they can form airflow channels feeding oxygen to fire which leads to more flame & smoke. Aeroduct® Fire resistant curtains make it easier for firefighters to control the fire since open areas are compartmentalized. Fire Curtains have been created to be installed in various building types, including domestic homes, as well as commercial and retail properties. The better contained a fire is, the safer the evacuation.

Smoke resistant automatic curtains can quickly fill a building structure as a fire spreads, causing chaos and preventing people from accessing exits. Aeroduct® Smoke Curtains are a great way to control smoke. They’re simple to install in existing structures and integrate with existing detection and response systems. To safeguard building inhabitants from injury during a fire, you must protect them from both smoke inhalation and actual flames. Aeroduct® Automatic Smoke Curtains contribute to smoke management of a building by channelising the movement of smoke to smoke extraction points or by creating reservoirs to slow down the spreading of smoke. In contrast to other smoke control devices like exterior exhaust vents, Aeroduct® Smoke Curtains offer a physical barrier against smoke. When deployed, the Smoke Curtain will deploy vertically from its housing located in the ceiling. These curtains can seal off doorways and elevators, and they can even form an independent perimeter around staircases and atriums where no walls are present. There are several styles of Smoke Curtains, making them an excellent alternative for building owners who want to effectively manage smoke.

Main Features

  • The economical solution which often replace fixed walls, doors or other barriers. Simple and cost-effective with faster lead times. It is low maintenance and long-lasting with an in-depth design. Additionally, we provide technical and design assistance.
  • 100% gravity fail safe descent (will operate without power), individual override operations, audio/visual alarms, emergency retract buttons, smart BMS modules, obstruction sensor and other as per the site requirement with best of R&D.
  • Lightweight: reduction in load bearing ramifications. It is easy to install.
  • Design solution: Bespoke designs to fit all requirements and layouts, allow architectural freedom with space usage.
  • Maintenance: The static curtain entail a very low level of maintenance
  • Width and drops: Aeroduct® Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains are designed to cover unlimited width.

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