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Steel Jubilee Clamps

Steel Jubilee Clamps

Product Description


Aeroduct® Stranglehold Banding/Jubilee Clamp are zinc protected mild steel. This is most popular clip in our range. Ideally suited for most day requirements for joining hose in areas such as the HUAL industry and the automotive aftermarket, agricultural application, such as irrigation and farm machinery, pneumatic and hydraulic application in the industrial sector, hardware/DIY applications and in construction.
Thickness: = 0.6 mm, Width: 9 mm


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The most versatile of clips in the Aeroduct® Stranglehold Banding/Jubilee Clamp range, our Original Range Jubilee hose clip in 304 (18/8) stainless steel are widely used across all industries where hose clips are usedto secure hoses, as well as for other applications. Their corrosion resistance enables their use in the marine, oil and gas and food sectors, as well as the agricultural, hardware and industrial sectors, where higher corrosion resistance is required.


Aeroduct Jubilee Clamp Packaging

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