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Insulated Flexible Duct Connector

Insulated Flexible Duct Connector

Product Description

For acoustically treated ductwork and supply ducts, it is important that the fabric of the connector is also insulated in-addition to the insulation fixed on the ducting. This enables the flexible duct connector to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Externally, during manufacturing, insulating the fabric may damage the coating on it, and also make it stiff there by effecting the noise and vibration absorption properties of the fabric. Aeroduct® ducting accessories has a complete range of “Insulated Duct Connectors” which use a 25mm thick fiberglass insulation of R value 4.2, sandwiched between the 2 layers of fabric. The various options of fabrics offered in insulated models, ensure that the flexible duct connectors can be used for all possible types of ductwork installations.

All models of insulated connects from Aeroduct® are available in 24 gauge and 28 gauge steel.


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Vinyl is the mist commonly used fabric for all air duct installations due to its high tear strength, and its high abrasion resistance. Vinyl is recommended for low to medium pressure duct work system.

Neoprene BS

Neoprene is recommended for use in application where high mechanical strength is required. Neoprene is extremely resistant to most alkalies, gasoline and toxic fumes.


Silicon fabric has a special silicon rubber coating that has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. It is recommended for application where high temperature is of main concern in both indoor and outdoor installations.


Polyurethane fabric are fragile in construction but have a longer resistance period to high temperatures.

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