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Flexible Ducts

Flexible Ducts

Product Description

Aeroduct Flexible Duct is a tough, completely flexible and low weight duct which is extensively employed in ventilation and air conditioning structure for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our manufactured ducts  shows great efficiency when installed correctly and is a perfect option for all air ventilation systems including homes, hotels, offices and commercial buildings since it is very suitable for connecting supply air outlets to rigid ductwork. Aeroduct flexible ducts are available in insulated and un-insulated models, both of these give high degree of flexibility, which permit us to easily connect in any preferred position and save us costs, where fitted and fabricated ducts would be highly difficult and costly to install.




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Main Features

1) Economical solution to connecting equipment in air conditioning and ventilation systems, across a broad spectrum of applications such as residential, commercial and industrial projects.
2) Flexible construction renders ease of installation in areas where rigid ducts cannot be fixed.
3) Ideal for use in low to medium pressure ductwork systems.
4) Options for insulated and un-insulated models
5) Tear and puncture resistant construction

Customized lengths are available on request.
All Aeroduct Flexible Ducts are designed to meet NFPA 90A and NFPA 90B Standards.

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