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Damper Accessories

Damper Accessories

Product Description

Aeroduct damper accessories – heavy gauge plated steel quadrants are designed with a smooth handle action with a fast wing nut adjustment, and locking of the damper. The marking on the frame indicates the exact position of the damper. Our manufactured damper accessories can be used on square and round ducts. It also includes leak resistant bushes as a part of the standard package.




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1) QRS-38 Quadrant Set 3/8″ for damper upto 20″

QRS-38 set consists of:

– H38 Handle
– EB38S Square Bearing
– EB38R Round Bearing
– B38R Round Nylon Bush
– B38S Square Nylon Bush


2) QRS-12 Quadrant Set 1/2″ for damper upto 30″

QRS-12 set consists of:

– H12 Handle
– EB12S Square Bearing
– EB12R Round Bearing
– B12R Round Nylon Bush
– B12S Square Nylon Bush


Damper Accessories

1) Splitter Damper Bracket 1/4″ ADSD14


2) Ball Joint Casting 1/4″ ADBJ14


3) Damper (Dial) Regulator Set 1/4″ ADQRS145


4) ADCL – Camlock


5) Rapit Regulator Set ADRP256


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