Stuck Up Pins

Stuck Up Pins are insulation hangers with a self adhesive sticking base. It is manufactured in order to fix insulation materials to smooth surfaces such as ducts. Self adhesive hangers consist of a galvanized steel nail in a reinforced base completed with a washer.



Peel the release paper attached in the base and firmly press the base to the clean duct surface. Impale the insulation over the hanger nail and slip on the locking washer. Make sure the surface is clean. It is high resistant to higher temperature.


Base : 28 Guage Metal
Size : 35 mm x 35 mm
Pin : 12 Guage Zinc Plated


1000pcs/box with two boxes of SW Washers

Stuck up pins are dependable, long-lasting and safe for fixing insulation to HVAC, ceiling and ducting purpose. These hangers are perfect to fix to substrate with blind rivets, adhesive or other mechanical fixing methods. Aeroduct stuck up pin comes up with a self sticking base for insulation hanger. These pins are designed for fixing insulation material to highly smooth surfaces such as air duct chambers & enclosures. They consist of a nail and washer which holds the insulation.

How to Use Stuck Up Pin?

For using it, peel the release paper from the hanger base and press base to duct surface (Pre-Cleaned). Now, impart the insulation onto the hanger nail tighten the locking washer. These insulation hangers are self sticking and have to ability to adhere on clean surfaces even at high temperatures.

For more detailed information on Aeroduct Stuck Up Pins, please Download the Catalogue.

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